Aortina the Heart Stickers

50% of all profits from this product are donated to our partner charity, Transplant Australia
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She Lubs You!

Meet Aortina in sticker form! Join her through her daily activities of singing, dancing and telling people how much she loves them. How adorable and what a cute way to spice up your notes or love letters!

These stickers are a perfect gift for family & friends to show them how much you love. Aortina will also help support struggling people with illness and hospital stays who just need a little bit of happiness! She is here to spread love and kindness in an educational way!

Designed in Australia. 50% of all profits go to our partner charity, Transplant Australia.

Dimensions are 10cm x 14cm of the sticker booklet. There are 5 unique designs and 10 sticker sheets. Weight of pack is 50g