Aortina the Heart Plushie

Our toys have been sample tested to ensure they meet AS/NZS ISO 8124 Safety Standards for all ages. 50% of all profits from this product are donated to our partner charity, Transplant Australia
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You aorta love Aortina!

Meet our adorable & cuddly plushie Aortina who will steal your heart away. She is extremely soft and has the most adorable little eyes. 

She will make your heart skip a beat! Aortina is the perfect gift to show your loved ones just how much you love them. Screw love hearts, give them a real anatomical plushie! There is no greater way to show your teacher or even your doctor how much you care about them!

Aortina comes with a detailed educational booklet that helps you learn how she works and how to keep her healthy. This booklet is curated by medical doctors like cardiologists who certainly know Aortina like the back of their hand!

She also comes with a complimentary backpack bag so you can carry her around and show all your friends!

Designed in Australia. 50% of all profits go to our partner charity, Transplant Australia.

Dimensions are 18cm x 25cm x 7cm of the toy. All plushies have 100% polyester fibre filling. The booklet is A6 size. The bag is a cotton drawstring bag 40cm x 30cm. Weight of pack is 250g.

Our toys are tested to ensure they meet the ISO 8124 AUS/NZ Safety Standards