Our Social Impact

Body Buddies is a Social Traders certified social enterprise. This means we are a business focused on doing good. In order to achieve this, we want to be as transparent as possible about what impact we have been able to have on our community with your support!


Transplant Australia

We are honoured to have a longstanding and unique partnership agreement with Transplant Australia since our company launched in 2021.

In 2023, we donated a total of:

$10,692.75 AUD
Note: our donations are calculated and donated in every 6 month period. We have a co-signed contract specifying the T&Cs of our partnership.

This money is used to support current organ donors & recipients with rehabilitation, advocacy to improve organ donation rates, their national awareness campaigns including the Australian Transplant Games, World Transplant Games, Fit for Life etc.

Fundraiser for Transplant Kids

In May 2024, Body Buddies hosted the first Light a Life Fundraiser for transplant kids! This generated over

$125,000 AUD

for Transplant Australia's project to generate paediatric resources for transplant families!

The event was attended & supported by several policitians, including Assistant Federal Minister for Health Ged Kearney, Victorian Minister for Youth & Small Business Natalie Suleyman, DonateLife National Team, & local MPs!

Toy Donations

We are thrilled to have donated over 1100 body buddies products & toys to several underprivileged & ill patients, health causes, organ donors, including young children globally. This is all in hopes to bring a bit of joy & a unique flare to health education. This is through partnerships with organisations including:

AMSA Vampire Cup - 500 blood drop keychains

Gold Coast Hospital Paediatric Hospital - 100 products over 2 years

One Cainta Philippinesains - 50 toys

Brien Holden Foundation - 500 eyes

One Kidney Club Australia - 80 keych

Just to name a few!


Body Buddies' has hosted & partaken in fantastic events that contribute to great causes. Some of the key events of 2023 are listed below:

Supporting Good Causes

Body Buddies has an open & honest relationship with several organisations, youth groups, university health clubs, health-related charities. We believe by supporting these local organisations, their causes and events, we will be able to strengthen the global approach towards health literacy. These collaborations include raffle prize donations, discount code to health-related organisations & clubs, sponsoring health-related events, representing at health conferences.

Social Media Campaigns

We use our social media platforms to make health education easy & accessible for all! We have run structured online campaigns including a blood donation campaign, deathly diseases, organ donation stories campaign, case competitions, breaking the stigma as well as introducing fun, short, health education videos on our social media regularly!