Bronchiole Bros the Lungs Stickers

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50% of All Profits Go To Our Partner Charity, Transplant Australia.

Omg I literally can’t breathe! Look at how adorable these Bronchiole Bros stickers are! They will leave you breathless. Come join the Bronchiole Bros on their everyday journey which includes meditation, flirting with girls and celebrating their bro-ness. These stickers will make you giggle and laugh and definitely are worth putting all over your notes!

There are 5 unique designs and 10 of each giving you a total of 50 awesome stickers of the Bronchiole Bros

These stickers are the perfect gift for friends, family, teachers, medical students or even doctors! Help everyone stay happy and healthy and make sure they realise how hard the Bronchiole Bros work to keep you alive!

Designed in Australia. 50% of all profits go to our partner charity, Transplant Australia.

Additional information

Weight 46 g
Dimensions 10 × 14 cm


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